What’s wrong with us?

Disclaimer: Following are the thoughts of a just turned adult, who is looking for a college and is just unhappy with something about his life, something which he has no clue about. You might feel the same, but again anything related to this article is just co-incidental or maybe you just feel the same.

We are pretty awesome if you think. we are re-defining everything, we are enjoying life and while we are doing it we are making shits of money. We have accomplished and normalised a lot of things from our parents time.

But still we are we unhappy? What’s wrong with us?

We are accomplishing many things, we are taking up the ‘unconventional careers’ and ripping of the word ‘un’ from it. You don’t have to be an engineer, doctor or have a government job to prove someone that you are successful.
Technology have made things easier for us. we are closer to our relatives and families even if we live in another part of the world. We certainly know how to take a vacation.


And yet we are not happy? Is there something that we are missing?
When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. – Friedrich Nietzche

Maybe he was onto something, or there is a possibility that he can be on something. Get it?  The most frustrating thing about voids and abyss are when there is nothing there is a void.
And the void is different for everyone.
Many of us think that we are happy with our job, but it’s the salaries that brings us happiness.

According to many articles which I have read, the no. of people who are happy with their salaries but not the things they do to earn it, are way more.
Despite the high prices we are doing pretty good. But can money ever make you feel satisfied of a job well done? For some the method of choosing a job can be passion, it’s marketability or many thousands of reason which right now I am not aware of.

And then there are those who are living a pretty good life but they do not know that they are living a pretty good life.


I fall into this category. When I tell my friends I am tensed and stressed. The instantaneous reply everyone gives is ‘What the hell are you so tensed about?’ We can go to the best gym, buy best clothes. Watch the coolest movies/Tv shows. Yet at the end of the day we will feel that void. Give me an iPhone 6s+ right now and I bet by the week’s end i’ll be back to the day one. We certainly cannot feel this void with things.

It can be about the plans, which remains as plans.

‘I’ll go with my friends to GOA. We’ll have a road trip.’  ‘We’ll go to the hills for another trek’, ‘Let’s go to see a movie together’ Why are we not able to turn these sentences into memory? or are we just bored? Don’t we want to hangout with our friends with whom we ‘were’ not able to imagine our lives?

I don’t know what it is that creates this void, many people think that relationships can fill this void, but I beg to differ. So what is that creates this emptiness?

A lot of questions but not quite answers. But it’s just me, what’s your opinion on this?

Ayush Shishodia



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