Terrible Tiny Tales

I know you guys are familiar with ‘Terrible Tiny Tales’. They are breathtaking, and it brings together a fantastic pool of writers.
So this Christmas, I have started to write a few, which you guys would be seeing on my blog for now I am sharing with you some of the best ones, I have encountered. Do tell me in the comment section below, which one did you liked the most, and you can too write on of your own.


“Even in History, their portraits were on pages 16 & 17.

a          p          a          r          t.

But when the book’s closed they kiss in the folds.”

“If only I could unlove, I would be a lighter version of me.”

“Cancer. Only Three Months Left. Pregnant”

“At some point the affection failed to travel the easy distance between our eyes.”

“Granny taught us not to leave the house without saying “I’ll be back”
Today she cheated.”

That’s it for now. There’s a reason why their is a comment section below.
Use it people!


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