The Universe Sense Of Irony

Do you believe in magic?

It’s breathtaking to consider you have two eyes, each composed of 130 million photo-receptor cells. In each one of those cells, there are 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) atoms more than all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy. However, each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star, billions of years ago, and yet all to expand the consciousness that is you.

The Universe Sense Of Irony “The universe has an interesting sense of irony in that you are the universe experiencing itself- all you are is a thought.”

What if the universe isn’t a universe at all but actually an eyeball of a being and we’re those atoms?
What if in every atom there is a universe waiting to be discovered.
And if you study about “biocentrism” is that all beings are one (based on their ability to conceive thought) and in every thought a new universe is formed.


That was pretty magical, right?

Ayush Shishodia

4 thoughts on “The Universe Sense Of Irony”

  1. *chokes while drinking coffee*
    “What if the universe isn’t a universe at all but actually an eyeball of a being and we’re those atoms?”
    I USED TO HAVE THE F***ING SAME THOUGHTS WHEN I WAS A KID ! (My mom said that I have gone crazy when I told her that -_-)
    What if each of us contains billions of universes inside us ?
    Not only the universe can be stranger than we imagine it IS stranger than we can imagine.


    1. Oh! I can imagine when I told this to my brother, he said the same thing.
      We don’t know everything about the universe.
      Maybe this theory is true, then just imagining right now that we contain billions of universes inside us.
      Ooh, I have the chills already.


  2. Same here ! ^_^
    What if all the cells inside our body have a life too and can sense things just like us ? With each breath we could create new universes
    We think that humans are at the top most level of life but what if we’re just a tiny part of something so vast that we cant even imagine it ?


    1. I can imagine, as a matter of fact, I was thinking about it when I was re-reading this blog.
      What are the odds?, huh?
      Well, I can say we do think alike.


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