The Billion Dollar Idea

It was just another regular day. Woke up at 12, watched a movie in the morning had breakfast at 2 (or you can call it lunch). Until it hit me.

You see it all started when I was having my lunch and I spilled the curry on  my favorite Batman T-shirt. Oh boy! It was a limited edition. I mean, what’s with the stains. I literally tried every possible thing to remove the stain, but it didn’t come off. After all my possible attempts to save my Batman limited edition T-shirt, then it occurred to me.
Why should bibs only be acceptable when you ‘re eating lobster? If we could wear them all the time, then I would still have my Batman T-shirt with me right now.
Picture a bib that looks like your suit a collar, a tie, a jacket. Imagine a site that will create a bib just how you like it. Where you could click your photo and we will create a bib which will go with your clothes, whether it’s your sweater or hood or any dress. You name it, we will create it. That way you could wear them all day. This way I can save many Batman T-shirts.

Just Imagine how awesome it would be. The name of the site probably will be and the tag-line could be you know ‘Bibs are digs by chicks’ (or maybe I could come up with something later on) But no matter how stupid you say this thing is. But just know this

If a thing appears to be stupid but works, then that thing is ain’t stupid.

Who knows I might become a billionaire

Ayush Shishodia

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